Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More School . . . A Good Thing

Next week, I will begin my studies in the Th.M. (Master of Theology) program at Southern. The decision to move ahead with this was finalized only recently, but I am excited about the opportunity before me.

Studying in seminary is obviously done with an eye to vocational ministry (in most cases). At this particular point in our lives, I feel very blessed to have the best of both worlds - the opportunity for formal study at one of the world's best seminaries and the opportunity to minister and learn in my local church context.

My classes this Fall, unless something changes, will be:

- American Revivalism with Tom Nettles
- Ancient Church in the Graeco-Roman Context with Michael Haykin
- Eschatology with Russell Moore

My 'major' for the Th.M. is church history, and my 'minor' is Systematic Theology.

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Craig Sowder said...

You are a learnin' fool, my friend.