Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Genesis Commentaries

It has been pointed out that books like Genesis, Psalms, John, and Romans are favorites of preachers.  I get back to Genesis somewhat frequently; a great book.  Almost like it's inspired. 

Commentaries that I'm thankful to have used....asterisk indicates favorites: 

- Walton's NIVAC isn't the best one, but neither is it bad to have around!  (got it cheap on Kindle)

- *Longman's fairly new one in the very user-friendly Story of God series

- K. Hughes is good.

- *Allen Ross is user-friendly and good, but maybe not quite as good as he is on Leviticus.

- Sailhammer in the EBC (revised) has long been praised, but I think it has only moderate value in comparison to others like Ross or Longman. 

- Kidner

Monday, October 09, 2017

So Good; Go ahead and get this one.

The men of our church are reading this together for purpose of discussion, and it has indeed provided for some truly good times of interaction.  This book is so rich.  It is simple and easy to understand.  And yet, like the biblical book upon which it is based (Ecclesiastes), it is deep and profound too.  

Carson (D.A.) says that this is the best of all the recent expositions of Ecclesiastes.  It has helped me a lot;  highly recommended.   The endorsements of the book come from some of my favorites!.... A. Motyer, D. R. Davis, Carson, etc.   Another reason why I think our men are enjoying it so much is that it is faithful to get us into the text of Scripture itself.  

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Galatians Commentaries (and Brief Thoughts on commentaries)

Good commentaries on Galatians

Some of these I have used a good bit, and others I have used only some….but all in the list have profit, the most profit coming from the actual text of Galatians itself.  Asterisk indicates favorites.

*Schreiner (2010)  

T. George,  NAC  

P. Ryken,   REC 

*Stott,   BST 

*T. Wilson  PTW - highly recommended by Schreiner, Moo, Bird, etc.  

Blomberg in his Acts – Rev. book

Merida / Platt

M.  Luther,    unfortunately, I’ve only realized this gem recently. 

Traditional commentaries can be boring and are often not extremely helpful.  As has been pointed out many times, commentaries must be used wisely and sometimes that means sparingly.   The format of a commentary matters a whole lot to me.  The new ZECNT series (Schreiner above) has a nice format that is user-friendly and thorough / not lacking in depth.  BST has long been a favorite series.  PTW is great. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Twenty Newer Books that have Helped me in Ministry

ESV study Bible
Zond. NIV Study Bible
An updated translation of the NLT
Blomberg’s 2 NT books (Jesus and the Gospels, and then the sequel)
Naselli’s new NT textbook
D. Murray’s preaching book

John Evans’s book on biblical commentaries….very good
Expositor’s Bible comm. On OT (8 volumes, newest edition)
Dale R. Davis on Joshua and on Judges
Ross on Leviticus
ESV Readers 6 volume Bible
Baker one-volume commentary
Wilbourne on Union with Christ….very good

ESV gospel transformation Bible
Fullerton’s preaching book
Longman on Psalms
Zond. NIV SB….just get it already!  (Get the large print edition if you care about your eyes.) 
Motyer’s new devotional on Psalms….very good  (Isaiah too)
Schreiner on 40 questions on the law
Schreiner on Galatians

Friday, January 27, 2017

Was very excited about this one; it didn't disappoint.  Legendary coaches for UNC, NC State, and the Dookies.  A fast read for a guy who was brought up on these things.  

Very, very happy with this one....

I agree with Justin Taylor's endorsement; he says that this is now his go-to book that he would recommend on this subject.  Tithing for Christians?  No.  Sabbath for Christians?  No.  Of course, there is much more explanation than that, but the whole thing is great.  

Very highly recommended...

9/10 rating.  Concise, rich, very helpful.  This book really thrills your soul.  

What can you say about this one?....Fantastic

This whole series (7 volumes by JC Ryle on the Gospels) is pretty much gold.  I used it most recently in preaching through Mark.  We use excerpts as a church in prayer meetings or small groups too.  So good, and free online!  

Grace Works...and so does this book.

I was very drawn to this one by the title and subtitle.  For some parts of this book, I was ready to give it a 9 or 9.5 / 10.    Overall, I give it a 7.5.  A good one.  

Bio. of a not-so-famous man

This one has some really good stuff in it for pastors.  A very ordinary pastor is the subject of the book.  Good for all Christians too.  

Saturday, January 21, 2017

You know you're a nerd when...

You take hours of delight with books about books.  I have found this one (yes, yes Carson and Longman are good too) to be unique and perhaps my favorite in this small niche of books about biblical reference works.  Highly recommended, and you get more than you pay for or initially think you're getting!  It's very pastoral and practical too.  

All the rage...

The whole world was talking about this book last year.  It is, indeed, very interesting and compelling, especially from such a young author...writing a memoir nonetheless!  My take:  you will be just fine if you never read this book (of course you will).   There are good things, both specific and general, to take away from this book.  But, while I might not use the word gratuitous, this book also comes with sometimes-generous sprinklings of material that does not please the Lord.  ....which, of course, is part of the very point of this good book.  But, you get my drift:  let your (biblically-informed) conscience be your guide, and don't violate it.  K. and I both read it.  

A good man

This was one of my more enjoyable experiences last year in reading this work.  To be sure, it is an academic writing about another academic.  But, neither of these--the author nor the subject--are ordinary academics!  (still, my dad reads a lot and couldn't get into it....so fair warning if you don't enjoy such things)  I really enjoyed it.  8.5/10

Thankful for this one....

This one has been a big help to a still somewhat green pastor like me.  Of course, it is meant for truly any pastor, seasoned or not.  Theoretical and practical.  Definitely worthwhile for the minister.  

One from my wife, the reader

Kristie finished this one not long ago, and she is pretty high on it.  Thanks to the Parkwood Baptist book stall in Gastonia, NC for supplying this one.  I look forward to checking it out too.  She gives it a 9/10.