Saturday, September 13, 2008

Predictions for the Next Year of Sports

1. Carolina Panthers make the playoffs and win two games in the post-season. Super Bowl goes to . . . heck, I have no idea; how about the Eagles.

2. Tarheels lose 2 games in college basketball regular season and win the NCAA tourney.

3. World Series features Mets vs. LA, and LA wins in 5. (I'd like to see the Phillies overtake the Mets, but that is not a safe bet at this point. My Reds continue their annual stinkage.)

4. Americans win the Ryder Cup, being held in Louisville this coming week. Without T. Woods, they will still win in convincing fashion.

5. I don't care for college football.

6. NASCAR is the greatest. Bobby Allison will take the checkered-flag.


Anonymous said...

Aren't LA Dodgers and the Mets both in the national league?

Bobby Allison???

JCRandolph said...

I meant the LA Angels in the A.L. I think Bobby Allison was a well-known racer in a previous generation.