Monday, July 07, 2008

Reflections on Southern Seminary

I spent four years of my life obtaining an M.Div. degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, four years for which I am thankful in many ways. Below are some (random) thoughts in retrospect:

- By far, the greatest classroom that I sat in was not on the campus of SBTS; it was and is my experience at my local church, Immanuel Baptist (check out our improving website on the link on the right). Our pastors are very godly and amazingly gifted in preaching and pastoring. The main preaching pastor, Ryan Fullerton, has taught us the absolute necessity of a Spirit-filled life and ministry. I am thankful for the knowledge that I've obtained at SBTS, but this knowledge will be fruitless in ministry apart from the supernatural work of the Spirit of God.

- Among other things, seminary forced me to become an avid reader and a disciplined reader. This, I trust, will serve me very well in whatever ministry the Lord has for me.

- Southern Seminary is very large and university-like; this makes relationships with professors somewhat challenging. I have, however, had the great privilege of knowing a few professors on more than a casual, classroom basis. Dr. Greg Wills, Dr. Russell Moore, and Dr. Tom Schreiner have made lasting impressions upon me. Drs. Allison and Cook were also very kind and pastoral.

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Craig Sowder said...

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Whatever, dude. You know that Avon products are so much better for your skin than Mary Kay.