Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Big Game

So, in a few hours, my (new) hometown Louisville Cardinals will take on my beloved UNC Tarheels. I recently wrote about the prospect of this game and it caused no little stir throughout cyberspace (see below, where massive amounts of people weighed in).

In hindsight, let me say that, after spending last weekend in NC, I realized that, although I like the team where I now live - U of L - the Heels are indeed my lifetime team. As the Tarheels already took care of the U of L girls this afternoon, I will look for the same tonight. I'm sure it will be a pretty good game.

Prediction: Heels win, 78-68.

Oh yeah - Davidson is totally legit, as anyone can now see. Their guards are just incredible. I hope they keep it going.


b. woodward said...

May the best team lose.

- ben

Ryan S. said...

Sir, it's usually not customary to put your Spurgeon set between your Calvin set. Anyway, nice blog. Haven't been here since 2006.

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