Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Covenant Theology

I'm a growing fan of NCT - New Covenant Theology. What is NCT? My former pastor, Fred Zaspel, answers here: http://www.biblicalstudies.com/bstudy/hermenutics/nct.htm

I still need to study this issue of the relationship between the covenants and how the Bible fits together closely and for the rest of my life. However, I resonate with what NCT is saying.

Also, I've posted a portion of Grace Assembly's doctrinal statement below. Grace is a church that I attended during my Liberty University days. The elders there are very comfortable with NCT (something that I didn't realize / know a whole lot about while I attended). The primary preaching elder, Tim Patterson, can be seen in a picture on this post. Here is their NCT perspective:

21. The Old Covenant
The Old Covenant, with the Law of Moses as its core (1), was revealed to the nation of Israel (2), promising earthly blessings for obedience (3), and threatening curses for disobedience (4). Its purpose was never to offer eternal life (5), but rather to govern the life and worship of the Old Testament nation of Israel (6), to reveal the extent of man's depravity (7), and to foreshadow Christ and the New Covenant (8).

22. The New Covenant
The New Covenant, established through the Person and redemptive work of Christ (1), provides eternal blessings which are acquired by grace through faith (2). The Old Covenant was fulfilled in Christ, thus becoming obsolete (3). God's final words of revelation, given through Christ and His New Testament apostles and prophets (4), have become the authority concerning Christian conduct, and the interpretive lens through which the Old Testament must be understood, and applied (5).

see http://www.gaonline.org/

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Dan said...

Very interesting article - I found the vewpoint intruiging as well as making a lot of sense....