Sunday, November 18, 2007


[kristie here]

One of the many, many things I'm grateful to our church elders for is the seriousness with which they view service and leadership in the local church. I was reminded of this again today as John was being commissioned/ordained as a deacon in our church. We're humbled by and excited about this new season of service at Immanuel.

Here's a still shot captured from the video (thanks Josh Brown!). John and the two guys to his left are the new deacons, the one at the pulpit is our preaching elder, and the ones behind are our other elders.

The one on the far left is Juan Maclean - John's good friend and former roommate at LU. We enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship after the service at Juan & Debbie's house with Ricky Hardison and Tim & Marion Patterson, the pastor and wife at Grace Assembly, John, Juan, and Ricky's church home during the LU years.

You know someone is a good pastor/friend when he drives eight hours each way in two days just to see John become a deacon. Ok, so maybe Tim came at Juan's request, but we still were so grateful for his sacrifice and support.

Thanks for making the trip, Tim!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations John! I pray God will give you the wisdom you need as a leader!

Anonymous said...

I'd a drove 16 hours one way just to see you two get "deaconated" and even though Juan was the one who invited me to come over, it was a quadruple blessing to see you, Kristie and Ricky...and Ryan's sermon was a rich, encouraging treat, as was the worship.

You guys are blessed and a blessing. Tanks!

the traveling man,


Jin Gill said...

congratulations! we actually missed the ordination, though. we missed church that sunday b/c i was sick and john stayed home to take care of me & watch ethan.