Thursday, December 06, 2007

Seven Down, One to Go

[kristie here]

I promise I'm not taking over John's blog...I've just been pinch hitting while he has ever so dilligently hit the books and juggled many other responsibilities. Anyway, we're rejoicing today for several reasons:

1. John is officially finished finals, thus ending his seventh semester of seminary. He took quite a load this semester, so it's a good feeling -for both of us- for him to be on the other end of that tunnel. Lord willing, this coming spring will be his last and he'll have earned his M.Div by May, 90-some hours of graduate work later.

2. After two days of cramming, John also just completed the GRE test today. Why the GRE? Well, he's decided to apply for doctoral work. Unable to focus on this application requirement until he was out of the dark woods of finals, he literally signed up for the test on Monday night, studied on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then took the four-hour test bright and early today.

3. He did great! Friends warned him the test was brutal, and it was. Yet God was gracious, and he made a score he's very pleased with. If everything else works out, it looks as if he'll be able to complete the rest of the application requirements by the fast-approaching deadline, which would put him in place to begin further studies in the fall (as opposed to having to wait until next spring), should he be accepted into the program. The prospect is exciting, but we are confident the Lord will guide the next season of our lives through the opening or closing of this door we're knocking curiously at.

Relief is sweet, and so are the Krispy Kreme doughnuts I came home from work with to surprise him. All of those hours studying are made quite worth it with one bite of a Krispy Kreme. It's good to have my husband 'back' ;)....


Ben and Sarah Woodward said...

Congratulations pilgrim!

So do we go ahead and call you doctor now?

JCRandolph said...

i would prefer you call me "his excellency" or "yes, your grace". rudy also works.