Thursday, March 16, 2006

Those Amazing Heels

Well, today is the start of that great season of the year for college basketball fans - March Madness. 64 teams will soon become 32 by midnight Friday and 16 by Sunday's end. As a proud native of the Tar Heel state, I must comment briefly on a truly incredible season in Chapel Hill, NC. The UNC TarHeels, the reigning champions of Div.I college basketball, lost virtually every key player from last year's awesome lineup. Anyone would've told you that this year was going to be quite ugly for Roy Williams' gang. Instead, this team - led by some very talented freshmen - has exceeded any crazy expectations. Roy Williams should be an easy choice for coach of the year. I haven't followed college ball to any degree of depth this year, but the story of this Heels squad is truly unbelievable and motivational. Now a #3 seed in the tourney, anything these guys do will be icing on a great season.

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Craig Sowder said...

I wish I could say the same for those Wildcats. They are getting ready to get lit up by UAB.