Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On the Reading of Books as a Very Gracious Gift

My parents were faithful in doing those 'small' things that can make a huge impact in a child's life. I enjoyed hearing a good story when I was a child. My love for reading did not blossom, however, until my college days. For four years now, books - overwhelmingly Christian and theological in genre - have given me great joy. I can recall being in a teenage leadership seminar when Ray Hardee, the speaker of the hour, delivered this stimulating quote: "You will be the same person your entire life; the only thing that will ever change about you (or change you) are the people you meet and the books you read." Now, this quote is certainly not an inspired piece of Scripture, but I have always found it interesting. God has richly blessed this only child with a wealth of relationships - true brothers and sisters - throughout my life. God Himself has used these people to change me and shape me. He has also seen fit to radically renew my mind over the years through the written word. Thus, I hope to write not a few entries about specific books and things of this nature. We are quite adept, as a society, at not using our minds. Modern Evangelicalism is certainly no exception to this cultural rule. I am so thankful for a mind that allows me to read, to comprehend, to think and mull over books, and I am thankful for those people and schools that have pushed me to expand my horizons in this way ---Southern Seminary, Kristie Randolph to name a couple.

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