Friday, March 17, 2006

Monday at Merck

Let's do a quick book review....A Vision for Missions by Tom Wells, published by the Banner of Truth. This, let me say, is an excellent, excellent little book. Wells is a longtime pastor in Cincinnati (I hope to visit his church when I return to Louisville). This book is by no means a 'manual' for how to 'do' missions; rather, it is a very well-written treatise on the very foundation for all and any mission enterprise. God, His glory and His great name, is the theme of this book. This, in some ways, is certainly the seminal work to Piper's Let the Nations Be Glad. Wells is a first-rate theologian, and this book on missions is a great read for any Christian. The main part of the book addresses the attributes of God and how each of these key characteristics bear upon the mission mandate. Only when we truly know God, in the full display of His glory and character, do we rightly understand the significance of 'trumpeting' his name in the earth. This is a must read, garnering an easy 9.6/10.

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