Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The One and Only WORLD Magazine

I am a huge fan of WORLD magazine. For around 3 years now, this reformed, evangelical weekly mag has been a great companion. Gene Veith, Marvin Olasky, Joel Belz and others form a great team of journalists. I had the privilege last Friday of meeting one of my favorite contributors to WORLD, senior columnist Andree Seu. Andree is a 40 or 50-something lady who runs the cafe at Westminster Seminary in Philly, PA. She is a widow and mother of four children. My wife and I have truly benefited from and been blessed by her weekly, penetrating articles. In the spirit of the whole magazine, Mrs. Seu does not write Christian 'fluff'; rather, she tackles the tough issues of life and culture - whether that be depression, eating habits, or present-day financial scandals among Evangelicals. It was very uplifting to meet Andree and to be able to put a face to a familiar 'friend.' Her articles are read by well more than 100,000 people per week. A very humble lady in spirit, she makes sandwiches day-in and day-out at the tiny cafe at WTS. We prayed together, then she said that my name and my wife's name would find a place on her little 'prayer board' in the back kitchen.
By the way, WORLD magazine is an extremely worthwhile investment. Comparatively, I've recently been receiving my 3 complimentary copies of Christianity Today (go to their website to get your 3 freebies). This Evangelical mag is a Christian mainstay and has been on the scene for 50 years now (WORLD celebrated its 20th anniversary 2 issues ago in a fascinating edition). I think CT is worthy of an occasional perusal. But much of it makes me simply want to gag. The ecumenical impulse and subtle bashing of conservative (right-wing) Christianity is sometimes a little much. Greg Wills, professor of church history at Southern Seminary, expressed his sentiment towards CT in calling it 'Christianity Astray'.....this seems like a good assesment. All this to say, WORLD is a must-read mag for any follower of Christ who wants to develop a comprehensive worldview and enjoy great writing and news-reporting. GET IT!

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