Monday, March 20, 2006

Evangelism, Calvinism, and the Caner Brothers, Pt.2

My alma mater, Liberty University, is now a Southern Baptist school. The newly appointed dean of Liberty Baptist Seminary is Dr. Ergun Caner. His brother, Emir Caner, has left his post as professor at Southeastern Seminary to launch the undergraduate program at Southwestern Seminary in Texas. Both men are well educated, articulate, former Muslims, and quite loud in their rantings against Calvinism. Both are prominent on the Southern Baptist scene, as key leaders in the Convention continue to ensure their 'rise to the top.' Dr. Ergun Caner, with his passionate and engaging style of communication, has become known on the campus of LU for his disparaging remarks of men such as John Piper. The Caner brothers are certain that the Calvinism of Piper, Sproul, etc. is indeed 'hyper-Calvinism.' For how can it not be, as it inherently cripples evangelism? The problem I see in this situation is not that these brothers don't believe in the doctrines of grace - this much is clear; rather, these prominent leaders, who influence thousands on a weekly basis are propogating what is a tremendously unhelpful display of scholarship and arrogant spirit in debate.

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