Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Fun

Excerpts from Right Behind - A Parody of Last Days Goofiness by Nathan Wilson and Mr. Sock........

p.28 "Buford Tin had been quite forthright in his explanations to passengers. He had told them all he knew about dispensational eschatology. He had described the beast, its mark, and all the antics of the Antichrist as best he could. He had delved into the books of Daniel, Revelation, Numbers, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and several portions of the Apocrypha. All in all, he had passengers fairly well prepared for what was coming....He had then gone into the cockpit to watch the landing. This was pretty irregular, but when people disappear, a few rules have to go."

p.90 "Buford...You were Raptured in the same way as my wife and son, only they went out windows. Why have you stayed? It's been at least a week now. Have you been on this ceiling the whole time? How do you go to the bathroom?"

back cover: "Right Behind is at least as horrible as the original." - St. Augustine

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Ryan S. said...


I like the climatic showdown between one of the protagonists and the Antichrist in a Christian bookstore, where the Antichrist is pelted with Precious Moments figurines and is assaulted with a Thomas Kinkade painting which is a real side-splitter.