Friday, March 17, 2006

Evangelism, Calvinism, and the Caner Brothers

I am a Southern Baptist...I was reared in an SBC church and am honored to be a student of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. 25 years ago, the SBC underwent a dramatic, miraculous turnaround - Liberal theology and ideology was abandoned (though not overnight) and the Bible returned to its rightful place of prominence. Men who loved God's Word took a stand that has had great results. Now, whenever the Word of God is 'recovered', be it in Nehemiah's day, Luther's day, or in the modern SBC, there naturally follows a second step. Step #1 - Return to the Bible as God's clear, inerrant revelation of Himself through Jesus Christ. Step #2 - Pour over the 'newfound' Scriptures to see or rediscover what God has revealed concerning Himself and our response to Him. The Southern Baptist Convention presently finds itself in Step #2. We have done away with that guise of Christianity that only views the Bible 'critically'. And now, we are eager Bereans, searching through God's precious Word.
So, what do we find? Well, among many, many things we could mention, plenty of Southern Baptists have come to see the glory of the sovereignty of God. The Bible is not vague about God's rule over every square inch of life, including human salvation. Election, we find, though not easy at first to swallow, is clearly taught throughout Scripture. So, what does all of this have to do with the Caner Bros? Stay tuned....


Ryan S. said...

May the Lord bless you richly in your pursuit of ministry and in your seminary studies. Southern in Louisville is a good school.

I was born and bred a Congregational Christian, though I have much in common with the old Founder's Baptists. In fact, I gave my first two sermons at a Baptist church.

I went to Liberty in undergrad and to Regent Law briefly with the idea of being both an attorney and a Bible preacher. I didn't have the money and motivation for it and quit in 2004. I contemplated seminary myself, I've participated in evangelical outreach, taught Sunday school and given pulpit sermons. I am convinced that I should embrace and work on discipleship, progressing in sanctification and examine whether pastoral ministry is truly my calling in time in my thirties. Every Christian should have a ministry which is one of the more important that I have learned in recent years.

Anyway, I wish the best in your seminary studies. You picked a top flight school. I've narrowed my choices to either Reformed Theological Seminary or Southern.

Ryan S. said...

By the way, you wouldn't happen to know either Brad Cochran, Adam McCulloch, Ricky Hardison? They are fellow Liberty alumni of mine and good friends from my dorm. They should all be at Southern right now as well.