Friday, November 07, 2008

Unfortunate News in the SBC Debate over "Calvinism"


Anonymous said...

Linked here from JT's site... and was struck by the photo: this is the Glenn Hwy b/t Chugiak and the Old Glenn exit, right? Must be just past the Eklutna exit. For three years I lived under Pioneer Peak (just off the Old Glenn), so this picture was taking me home!

So: are you from Alaska?

All blessings,
Tom McCall

JCRandolph said...

Tom - we aren't from AK, but my brother and sister-in-law live there right now (Elmendorf). It's beautiful! I can't remember exactly where we took that pic, but yes, we were on our way to Matanuska and would have been near the eklutna exit. Thanks for stopping by!
-kristie (&john)

Anonymous said...

Cool... picture made me so homesick... now that we have kids we wish more than ever that we could raise our family there. But we trust God's providence.

All the best,


Adam Winters said...

What's so unfortunate? I read Lemke's work and it is too full of errors to be taken as a serious academic contribution. I just hope Lemke doesn't become the face of the SBC Calvinism debate.

mobcpastor said...

The whole idea that this is an issue in the SBC is saddening. There are so many more critical issues facing us today.