Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Man vs. Kitchen Story

[kristie here]

You may be tempted to think all we do around here is talk about serious things. Well, that's just not true. We also laugh. A lot. We laugh at quirky people things, Nacho Libre, George W. Bushisms, and more.

Anyone who knows John probably understands when I say I also laugh a lot at John. And while you may have always known him to be a jokester, you might not know how funny he can be even when he's not trying. For instance:

John calls me at work the other day, saying he doesn't feel well. I can hear him rumaging around the cabinets as he asks me to pick up some chicken noodle soup for him on my way home. I started to express my sympathy, but was soon interrupted as he exclaimed in eureka-like fashion, "never mind, I can just eat this chicken broth!"

Apparently he had come across a can of chicken broth in his rumaging and thought it could be an acceptable replacement for noodle soup. As you may remember, I love what happens when John ventures into the kitchen without me. The man can school me in theology, politics, scrabble and tennis. I've got to hang on to something!


blythe said...

Home-economically-challenged husbands are great. My man can do his laundry, but after leaving him without meals for the duration of my morning sickness, I now know that frozen pizza is his only reason for having survived nine years of bachelorhood.

Makes us love working our kitchen magic on them, eh? ;-)

Josh, Candace & Cole said...

You guys are funny. :) I can totally see John rummaging around like that and you laughing hysterically on the phone.