Thursday, October 12, 2006

Good Reminders Come in Pillsbury Packages

[Kristie here, guestblogging for John]

The other morning, John woke up early so he could “make” cinnamon buns for us (a Pillsbury purchase he slipped into the grocery cart the night before). As I was getting ready for work, he called out from the kitchen and asked, “What should I spray the cookie sheet with?”

I knew he really was asking, “Where is the cooking spray? I don’t feel like looking through all the cabinets to find it.”

So I told him where the spray was. And then I took a quick second to enjoy my gratitude for such a great husband. It wasn’t just because he woke up early to make me breakfast. It was because I actually like the fact that he can’t remember where everything is in the kitchen. I like that he doesn’t like to shop. I like that he is good at things I know nothing about (cars, tools, you name it).

That morning, I was reminded – once again - how thankful I am that we are different. I was reminded of how perfect God’s design is for us to have different roles as male and female, husband and wife. Obviously, there are plenty of men who can cook well – that’s not the point. I’m simply thankful that God gave me a husband who is not perfect, but is perfect for me.

There are countless little reminders of God’s goodness that I miss all the time. And while it may sound silly for a package of Pillsbury cinnamon buns to become such a reminder, these instances are of infinite worth if they turn our hearts to thanksgiving and praise.

So there’s my début on my husband’s blog. Sure, it’s got a bit of the Guidepost flavor, but hopefully it serves as a reminder not to ignore the little reminders.

Oh, and for the ladies who may read this blog, check out, written by C.J. Mahaney’s wife and daughters. And while I’m at it, I’ll recommend an excellent book on marriage – Intimate Allies, by Longman and Allender.


Chuck Flurry said...

Great post! I know Ashley will want to read this too!

John, do you remember when you use to cook me cinnamon rolls in the second floor kitchen of manly and then bring them to my room? Maybe if you had sprayed the pan they would have tasted better.

JCRandolph said...

my wife is awesome.

Anonymous said...

can you spray my back

the latino

Anonymous said...

i thoroughly enjoyed your insight,

- from a pillsbury cinnamon lover

jinesquire said...


Great post! I, too, have similar thoughts about John (my husband, not yours). Heh. By the way, there's an opening at my company for someone with a PR background. I immediately thought about you. If you're interested, e-mail me:

-Jin (from Immanuel Baptist Church)