Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving - Yerk Style

[Kristie here]

Time flies. We had been looking forward to our week-long Thanksgiving vacation at the Yerk homestead in PA for quite some time. Now, it's all over! Below are a just a few photos from the fun we had with family and friends. Among many other things, we are incredibly thankful to God for the ability to enjoy laughing, eating, fellowshipping, and making memories.

Thanks to mom and dad for spoiling us this past week and for planning our fun family excursions to Shady Maple Smorgasboard and the Tabernacle Reinactment in Amish Country, Sight & Sound Theater, Red Lobster, an almost-trip to see the Philadelphia parade, and much more.

We're looking forward to a Randolph Christmas in North Carolina!

This was John's first Thanksgiving in PA.

My immediate family (minus my dad taking the photo,
plus my soon to be sister-in-law Lauren),
and grandparents...a slightly smaller crowd than normal
for a Yerk holiday, but perfect for sharing memories
and gratitude over excellent food!
Brother-in-law Brad, brothers Josh & Tyler,
John, and Uncle Rick.

Here's Tyler showing off his newly-learned piano skills
from Drexel University. The rest of the family gathered
'round to sing along with his selected arrangements,
including Kum-bay-ya and Jingle Bells.

Not to be outdone, John relived his
glory days on the trumpet.

Here we are, ready to attack the gigantic
Shady Maple Smorgasboard in Amish Country!

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Anonymous said...

Good pictures Johnny. Thanks for the sleepover.