Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Reformation Day/Halloween

[Kristie here]

In my Seminary Wives Institute class we are studying influential women throughout historic Christianity, such as Susanna Wesley, Sarah Edwards, and Ann Judson. Because my appreciation for these women of the faith continues to grow, today’s post on the titus2talk blog caught my attention. A quick and timely read for Reformation Day, this post examines Katharina (von Bora) Luther’s life and faith. Check it out at http://titus2talk.blogspot.com/2006/10/katie-luther-proverbs-31-woman.html.

Since that one is geared a bit more for women, here's another interesting Reformation Day post for all to check out: http://solofemininity.blogs.com/posts/2006/10/reformation_day.html (don't let the name deter you from visiting...I promise it's not just for women!).

John and I plan to walk around our neighborhood tonight to see the little kids in their costumes. We’re also hoping to squeeze in a viewing of the movie Luther, which would officially begin a Randolph tradition. John brought it home for us to watch last year on Halloween/Reformation Day, and I found it to be incredibly inspiring.

Whatever you’re doing tonight, Happy October 31st!

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