Friday, August 25, 2006

Finally Time, Finally Inspired

Well, I am back to the old blog for the first time in a while. My Internet time is limited, and my thoughts and attention have been directed to getting settled back in Louisville and hitting the books.
I just spent tonight on the Josephus Bowl (the main lawn) at Southern Seminary, celebrating the new semester with the seminary community at the annual kick-off party. Classes have been going on for two weeks already. It was good to see many profs and their families at the party tonight; R. Albert Mohler, Jr. (RAM) made a cameo in a short-sleeved button-down shirt and khakis.....he is truly a great president. I love him. My wife and I sat and enjoyed our hamburgers (no cheese) with Gastonia, NC buds Kevin and Brannon Weisman and Mike and Robin Crowe. Jeff Long, your influence is real, brother.
I am taking four classes....Marriage Enrichment with Kristie, Christian Ethics, Preaching, and Christianity in a Pluralistic and Postmodern Society. Some good books this semester include D.A. Carson's The Gagging of God, Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture by G. Goldsworthy, and Gene Veith's Postmodern Times.
We are very happy to be back at Immanuel Baptist Church in downtown Louisville (Kristie for the first time). I heard today that Tom Schreiner (himself a local pastor) said that Ryan Fullerton, my pastor, is the best preacher in Louisville. Quite honestly, I think that is being modest. To God be the glory.
I am also thankful to be working at Memoria Press, where we distribute literature for classical education.
Well, more to come soon, Lord willing!
Oh jealous am I of my wife??? She is enrolled in the Seminary Wives' Institute and is taking a class on Baptist Beliefs with Bruce Ware! He is a true theologian with a real pastor's heart. Look for him next Fall at the John Bunyan conference in PA. Kristie also gets to go to the Mohler mansion (seminary owned) for tea with Mary Mohler soon. We hope to both get our PhDs in preaching and co-pastor in the near future.


Craig Sowder said...

Did you drink lots of beer at the party? ;)

JCRandolph said...


Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your highlights back in Louisville.
Loved the last comment on Ph.D's and co-pastors!

Scott said...

great to hear about things at the citadel...miss you guys here in PA

Craig Sowder said...

Good, because drinking beer is wrong.