Monday, September 25, 2017

Twenty Newer Books that have Helped me in Ministry

ESV study Bible
Zond. NIV Study Bible
An updated translation of the NLT
Blomberg’s 2 NT books (Jesus and the Gospels, and then the sequel)
Naselli’s new NT textbook
D. Murray’s preaching book

John Evans’s book on biblical commentaries….very good
Expositor’s Bible comm. On OT (8 volumes, newest edition)
Dale R. Davis on Joshua and on Judges
Ross on Leviticus
ESV Readers 6 volume Bible
Baker one-volume commentary
Wilbourne on Union with Christ….very good

ESV gospel transformation Bible
Fullerton’s preaching book
Longman on Psalms
Zond. NIV SB….just get it already!  (Get the large print edition if you care about your eyes.) 
Motyer’s new devotional on Psalms….very good  (Isaiah too)
Schreiner on 40 questions on the law
Schreiner on Galatians

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