Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jesus Christ

I am currently working on a paper for my Person of Christ class at seminary. I chose to do an exegesis of Phil. 2:5-11. I am looking at the background of this passage, its context, the text itself, and the theological implications drawn from it.

I have found the work on this paper to be very refreshing, even though it requires a lot of effort. I'm sure some of the refreshment comes from having recently finished a much more daunting paper and from knowing that this current paper signals the completion of my ThM work at Southern Seminary (assuming all else goes well). But, the main joy, no doubt, comes from the immersion in Scripture that goes with writing a paper like this. I thought of writing on other topics--Calvin's Christology as seen in the Institutes, or Athanasius' work On the Incarnation. I am very glad, however, that I forced myself to do a Scriptural analysis. What a way to end my time at seminary . . . soaking in the Scriptures, all of which point to our humble and exalted Savior!

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