Wednesday, December 31, 2008

President Bush is a Bibliophile

I was intrigued to read the below article and discover that our current president loves books. Not only this, he actually reads a lot-about a book a week plus the Bible every year.

I am currently immersed in Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, etc. for a class on the Reformation. This makes for some great reading. Kristie and I are listening to a Wendell Berry novel on audio cd as we traverse the country this holiday season.


Ashley & Chuck said...

How do you like Berry?

Adam Vinson said...

Yeah but too bad Bush doesn't believe the Bible is to be taken literally

JCRandolph said...

chuck and ashley - we like Berry a lot. Kristie has been a big fan for many months, and I am just now getting into him.

adam - yeah, he's not a model of biblical fidelity. thanks for stopping in.