Thursday, October 23, 2008

Most Enjoyable Books at Semester's Mid-Point

All of these are from school, of course. Haven't had time to read much else . . .

- Richard Sibbes: The Bruised Reed - a wonderful, grace-filled work that I will certainly return to.

- C. S. Lewis: The Great Divorce - What an imagination Lewis had! a profound book.

- N. T. Wright: Surprised by Hope - my foray into Wright; I now understand his acclaim. Superb book despite some troubling points (same for Lewis above).

- George Ladd: The Presence of the Future - excellent resource for NT theology and an understanding of the "already/not yet" tension.

- Richard Mouw: When the Kings Come Marching In - building on a Puritan idea of individual salvation, Mouw helpfully demonstrates the need to see the cosmic implications of the work of Christ in areas such as politics, societal structures, etc. (whole book is an attempt to understand Isaiah 60)

- Robert Wilken: The Spirit of Early Christian Thought - Catholic perspective on the early church; very well-done and beneficial.

Well, that's it for now. Back to the books.

Kristie's pick: Wendell Berry - Hannah Coulter; My wife is a new Wendell Berry devotee.


Rebecca Elves said...

Are you by chance in Dr. Moore's Doctrine of the Last Things class? Eric has a lot those same books on his school shelf!

JCRandolph said...

I am indeed.

khendricks said...

Have you seen the electronic edition of The Works of Richard Sibbes from Logos? Among the titles is The Bruised Reed. I thought you might be interested!

The Works of Richard Sibbes (7 Vols.)