Saturday, November 17, 2007

Check it out

Well, Kristie has put her magical touch on two things recently:

1. As you can tell, my blog has been redesigned. Thanks, Kristie!

2. Our church has a (much needed) new website. The picture of Louisville on the main page of the site is courtesy of my wife as well. We only charged them a $325 royalty fee. I strongly encourage you to check out the link to our church on the right. While there, don't miss the audio section, where you can listen to great teaching, particularly that of Ryan Fullerton, our main preaching elder and one of the most gifted preachers alive today.


Ashley & Chuck said...

Great Job Kristie! Very classy! I need to revamp our blog too.

Anonymous said...

I alway believe i god. What ever i do when ever i go i alway pray to god give success for ever. But in a way that betrays my true feelings.......