Monday, May 21, 2007

Worth Every Penny

[Kristie here]

Now, I'm a practical person. There's a lot I could do with $60. So how did I justify a $60 purchase for season passes to the zoo?? Take a look at these photos and tell me if you wouldn't do the same...

Yep, there's a baby elephant at the Louisville Zoo, and he's cuter than any other zoo animal I've ever seen. He was even cuter than the clip of him on the 6:00 news that made me start begging John to take me to the zoo.

After nearly two months of begging (only because our schedule has been so full), John surprised me by saying we were going to get season passes. We went yesterday afternoon and spent probably 30-45 minutes watching the little guy run around and hang out with his mama. Now I can see him whenever I want.

We even gave up an extra $0.30 (watch out big spenders!) to vote in the naming contest. The choices were Jonesy, Scotty, and Angus. I picked "Jonesy," John picked "Scotty."

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John Cooper said...

Yeup, Scotty definatley is a cute baby. And a big one at that. He's over a year old now, 16 months to be exact, and last I herd he weighed in at 590 kilos. WOW!!