Monday, March 19, 2007


Well, March Madness is indeed a great time of year. If my count is correct, I correctly picked 12 of the Sweet Sixteen teams. I would love to see my Tar Heels go all the way, but I have chosen Florida to repeat. Based on their performance thus far, I think that might not have been a great pick.
Next year's Final Four:
1. UNC
2. Liberty Univ.
3. Notre Dame
4. Boyce College (of the Southern Baptist Theol. Seminary)

Currently Reading:
1. Your Best Life Now - Joel Osteen
2. God Lit my Hair Piece on Fire - Danny Lovett
3. My Personal Tribute to Jonathan Edwards, Part VIII - John Piper
4. The Westminster Confession into the Second Decade of the Twenty-First Century: A commentary on Lig Duncan's commentary on the Westminster Confession - R.C. Sproul


Buddy said...

I picked Florida as well... you're right - probably not a good choice.
UNC has as good a shot as any.

Currently Reading:
1. Clifford Can Count
2. Let's Go to the Zoo
3. Hurry Up, Noah
4. David and Big Goliath

Kristie said...

What about Shawnee Baptist in '08? Pants vs. Bulldogs??

Josh said...

I got 12 of the 16 as well...too bad 2 of my elite 8 are already gone and one of my final 4! By the way, you should see if Southern wants a rugby team...i could coach! haha, hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

I think you better include the Moody Archers in there as well. They're going to be a tough one to beat.

baby-baptizer said...

How about the RTS Roosters?

Dan said...

good call on Florida. I had 7 of 8 correct once in got down to 8 then it fell apart... had UNC winning it...

Anonymous said...

Obviously your reading of Osteen has negatively affected your b-ball predictions, John:

1. Duke
2. Liberty
3. Kyle Singler (by himself)
4. UNC