Thursday, January 04, 2007

Goodbye 2006!

Being an only child has some great advantages. Since John doesn't have any siblings, we had his parents all to ourselves for our Christmas vacation in North Carolina. Lucky for us, they were both off work the entire week as well, so we got to log some serious hang-out time with them. The seven hour drive between us makes this all-too-rare an occasion. Thanks for everything Steve and Joan!

Here are a few highlights from our week:

- Had a great time visiting friends we hadn’t seen in a long time, including the Lovells, the Braffords, and Jared Taft.

- Got to meet baby Brammer and baby Brafford – two little guys who were born in 2006 but we hadn’t met yet.

- Practiced my golf swing a bit while accompanying John and Steve on the golf course with Joan…I’m thinking of taking lessons.

- Hit up Tony’s for our favorite milkshake in the whole world. If you're ever in Gastonia, Tony's is a must-visit (along with Sake Express).

- Saw “The Pursuit of Happyness” – great movie.

- Finished North & South, a great (and very long) mini-series about the Civil War that we began watching earlier this summer with Steve & Joan.

- Played some Scrabble with John’s grandparents. Our game is about to hit new heights with the new Scrabble dictionary Steve & Joan gave us for Christmas...oh yeah.

- Took naps whenever we felt like it.

- Loved having more spare time to read. John picked up “America Alone” and read some of Machen's "Christianity & Liberalism". I worked on “70 Great Christians”, as well as one of my presents from John, “The Disciplines of a Godly Woman”.

And now, we’re back in the saddle here in Louisville. John is really enjoying his J-term class called “The Classics of Christian Devotion”…he’ll be back here with some new posts soon. Until then, here are a few pictures from Christmas…

We couldn't believe how big baby Brafford was.
We loved meeting this little guy during our
breakfast with good friends Buddy & Laura.

Here I am on Christmas Day holding
baby Brammer, our newest little cousin.

John somehow always seems to get "smile for
the camera" confused with "make a crazy face!".
Isn't his junior high baseball jacket cool?!
(John with his parents)

I love being the designated golf cart driver almost
as much as John loves playing golf.
The 70 degree weather was a great bonus!

The greens weren't exactly green, but that didn't
matter much for the golf fanatics.

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