Monday, May 22, 2006

My Uncle - Leader of the American Church??

The Southern Baptist Convention is the second largest denominational entity in the U.S., trailing only the Roman Catholic 'Church' in size. (Thus, the SBC is the largest Protestant group in America). My uncle, Dr. Frank Page, has confirmed his candidacy in this year's race for the SBC presidency. At first not a willing participant, Uncle Frank received calls from all over the nation to step up and run against this year's 'favorite', Ronnie Floyd. Floyd leads a huge church in Arkansas, where the children's ministry boasts of child baptisms accompanied by confetti-shooting canons. Frank was called upon in lieu of his church's sizable contributions to the SBC Cooperative Program, over against the miniscule amount given by Floyd's congregation.
Dr. Page received his PhD. from Southwestern Baptist Seminary (Rick Warren is an alumn and Paige Patterson is now president), contributed the commentary on Jonah to the NAC commentary series, has pastored several large churches (currently Taylors First Baptist in SC), and has also written a small book titled "Trouble with the TULIP."

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Ryan S. said...

God's blessing to you and your uncle. The SBC has its share of problems, but I hope a conservative renaissance led by the old vanguard of Founders Baptists, and more importantly a spiritual revival could take place as well.

In the United State, the leaven that saps the strength of the church is affluence. Whereas, in countries like China, persecution is the enemy of the church. Sometimes, its easy for sterility and complacency to grab a hold of the church.