Friday, April 07, 2006

A Few Things I'm Truly Thankful For....

- Kristie Yerk is now Kristie wife is my best friend, tennis partner, and she loves

- Elders in the local church...The NT teaches a plurality of elders are to lead the church. Why
don't we listen to God's always-practical instruction in life and church? Thanks Cornerstone
Church of Skippack elders (where I intern) for hands-on training.

- Friends....It was great to catch up with Juan and Debbie Maclean yesterday on the phone.
Juan, may our coming year at SBTS rival our first year at LU.

- Johnny Cash....Walk the Line is a very good movie; 'Ring of Fire' and 'Jackson' are great songs.

- The clip-on tie that I wear at my security job...saves me a good 2-3 mins. each morning.

- Justin Taylor's website....great stuff, man.

- The Masters golf tournament....see the beauty this weekend.


Craig Sowder said...

I'm thankful for bear claws, two at a time.

chadjohnston1 said...

I am thankful for good impersonations.

teammaclean said...

you know I am thankful for Juan Maclean - juan you are awesome