Friday, April 21, 2006

Conferences Galore!

It seems like Christian conferences are abounding these days. This coming week is certainly going to be a big one for the conference round. Most popular of all, no doubt (unless, of course, I'm unaware of a Joel Osteen / Dr. Phil seminar), is Together for the Gospel (; great site!!!) in Louisville, KY. I mean, in some ways, you couldn't desire a better line-up than Mahaney, Mohler, Dever, Duncan, Sproul, Piper, and Johnny MacA. For many of us, these last three especially have had a deep influence upon our own journey. All of these men have challenged me greatly, and I've had to be careful at times to not make them my 'Apollos' or 'Paul.' We live in an era of church history in which really good, faithful teachers can be found (certainly awful teachers abound as well).

I have the opportunity to listen to some godly men unpack truth next week at the annual 'John Bunyan' conference here in PA ( While I won't be hearing Mohler, I will be escorting Russ Moore (Mohler's V.P.) and his assistant around in my Jeep that rattles severely and squeals anytime brake pressure is applied. I'll also be gleaning from Doug Moo, Jim Eliff, Tom Wells, Fred Zaspel, and Don Theobald at Bunyan.

Also, in my backyard, the annual Philly Conference on Reformed Theology is happening next weekend. The topic this year is TULIP, revisiting the first-ever topic 20 some yrs. ago at this gathering.

I'm looking foward to Bunyan....I've been fortunate to have attended some great conferences and hear guys like Sproul, MacA, Carson...My first date with my wife was to hear Piper in Raleigh. So, long live sound, pertinent Christian conferences.


Craig Sowder said...

Wow... it's amazing what time will do. When we were all still at Liberty and got into Reformed theology, we were being influenced by basically the same theologians and pastors. These few short years later, my list of theologians I read and go to conferences to see looks much different than yours.

My list might look something like this:

Greg Bahnsen
Cornelius Van Til
John Frame
Richard Pratt
Vern Poythress
Ken Gentry
Doug Wilson
Palmer Robertson

I'm forgetting some I'm sure.

teammaclean said...

Heres my list

Kenneth Copeland
Joyce Meyer
Joel Olsteen
Danny Lovett

JCRandolph said...

These are good guys on your list, Craig. Wrong on several things, but good teachers. We could all use a dosage of New Covenant Theology.
John the Baptist